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Cost of Living in Montreal

February 11, 2017 by stayhomesearch

We thought creating a post about the Cost of Living in Montreal would be useful to our visitors. These are all based on real-life costs and expenses. Of course, your mileage may vary as people have different standards of living, family sizes and personal needs. But, on to the numbers (all prices are in CAD)…

Montreal's Jean-Talon food market

Montreal’s Jean-Talon food market

Average Montreal Living Costs Breakdown

  • Average Monthly Rent (1-bedroom apartment)
    • Downtown (fully furnished, nicer unit, better location…can go as high as you want…) $1300-2500
    • Downtown $750-950 (not furnished, old building, room sharing)
    • Outside Downtown core can vary from ~$600 (old building) to easily over $1100 (new condo)
  • Monthly Pass (Regular Price) $83
  • Monthly Basics (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for a 1-bedroom apartment $75
  • Phone $50
  • Internet (10 Mbps) $55
  • Food, this is really personal but $300 per person a month is reasonable

Living Costs Summary

For an individual living alone, you would need to put aside somewhere around ~$1200 per month as a minimum to cover minimum basic expenses. If you are looking to move to Montreal and start working here, you’d probably want a take home pay (after taxes) of at least $2,000/month to help cover other essentials such as: clothing, personal care products, medical expenses, insurance, entertainment, restaurants and more…all expenses that are not included as “basic” expenses. Of course, it is possible to live on less income, or if you get a roommate then your shared costs would make things even more affordable.